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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the Unit
    1. Aim of the Module
    2. Intended Learning Outcomes of the Module
    3. Intended learning outcomes of the Unit
    4. QTS Standards addressed by this Unit
    5. Reading
    6. Video/DVD clips
    7. Study guide for the unit
    8. Assessment of the Unit
    9. General overview of Unit 1
  2. National and legal considerations
    1. Successful learning and teaching in mathematics
      1. Additional Issues
        1. Theories of Learning
          1. References

            Intended Learning Outcomes of the Module

            PFM 304: Mathematics in the Primary Classroom

            By the end of this module you will:

            • have a thorough understanding of mathematical progression through Foundation Stage, KS1 & KS2 in relation to selected aspects of the National Curriculum;
            • be able to critically evaluate and confidently apply a range of appropriate teaching strategies to support children's learning in mathematics based on current views of good practice in primary mathematics;
            • be able to teach mathematics effectively by drawing on appropriate personal subject knowledge;
            • be able to critically analyse the interface between theory and practice to develop a personal philosophy of effective and inclusive mathematics education.